Univ is by far the most active College when it comes to access, and the Univ Ambassador scheme, a joint project from the College and the JCR, and funded by our Old Members, plays a large part in that.

About 20 students in each year participate, which involves being trained to visit schools and speak to students and then organising school visits.  We do visits individually or as a group – last year a few of us went on the “Univ Roadshow” to Sheffield (pictures below!) which involved visiting 7 schools in 3 days, and now “alternative roadshows” are sparking up – this Easter one group of students are going to Somerset and another to Telford, to hit as many schools as possible.

If you’d like to be an ambassador, please get in touch with Anne-Marie.

If you’d like to have a school visit, or have any questions from students following a visit from the Ambassadors, get in touch with our current JCR Access Officer Sarah Tinley


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