Prospective Students


Firstly, well done for considering Univ.  It’s a great College and we all have lots of fun here.  (A quick word though: obviously all Oxford Colleges, and in fact all Universities, are good, and you’ll probably have fun wherever you end up).

Also look at: – the New Alternative Prospectus, written by us this year, and we’re so proud of it.  And this is last year’s one: Alternative Prospectus.  And the Prospective student Q&A and ambassadors sub-pages.  We’re also constantly updating photos of Univ, so you can see it in its full glory.

Look around the rest of the website to get a feel for what’s happening at Univ at the moment, but on this page we’ll tell you basic things about what’s special about Univ:

  • The Univ Atmosphere.  We’re famous for being sickeningly friendly.  Who knows why we all get along so well, but every year it happens again.  We have a lovely community spirit… perhaps because of 3 informal meals a day in hall, perhaps because the first two years live in College together (most Colleges have 1st and 3rd years in College), perhaps it’s just something about the place (other theories include the shape/size of the quad, the history…).  But everyone loves it, and everyone loves each other.
  • The tutors.  This is a tip – when you’re choosing a College, check which tutors will be teaching you.  You’ll spend at least an hour with your tutor every week, and they choose your other tutors and sometimes which options you do, so they mean A LOT.  Univ gets great results and the students like to work, but we manage to maintain a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Amazing location – we’re on the High Street, which means that you’re only 2 minutes away from great food, and about 4 minutes from the main shopping area of Oxford.  Also 1 minute away from Exam Schools, where exams (!) and lots of lectures happen.  This means that waking up 5 minutes before your lecture starts is not a problem.
  • Beautiful buildings.  Come and have a look at them on one of our open days!  The hall is spacious, the rooms are well-furnished.
  • Food.  Our brunches on weekends are amazing.
  • Student support. Univ offers very generous bursaries and grants thanks to the Old Members Trust.  The College also offers support to students who are facing financial difficulty which bursaries and loans don’t cover.  On top of this, there are a huge number of travel grants and scholarships.  For more information look at the financial section of the website.

Other things you might want to know:

Rent/term = £959.32

Food prices: breakfast £1.50, lunch and dinner £2.50 veggie, £3 meat.  If you choose wisely you can get food more cheaply – eg soup and bread £1, salad bowl 50p-£1.40.

You live in the main College site for the first two years, then in the third year you live out – either in College Accommodation in North Oxford (called Stavertonia/”Stavs”) or in accommodation which you organise yourself – lots of people share houses in East Oxford.

We have a 24 hour library, and the librarians are amazing.  If you ask for a book, they usually buy it and have it in by the end of that day.

In sum, Univ is brilliant, both in terms of the facilities it offers students, the work ethic and the great sense of community.  Please do consider applying here!  If you have any questions get in touch with our Access Officer, Liam Orton, via the Prospective Student Q&A ->


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