Welcome to Univ JCR!  **for lots of information about Univ written by students, look at this website, but also at our brand new Alternative Prospectus here**

This website is for all current and prospective undergraduates at University College, Oxford.

What is a JCR? – It means two things.

  1. Firstly, Univ JCR is the Student Union for University College, Oxford.  Every undergraduate at Univ is automatically a member, and we provide support for and represent students in every area from welfare to entertainment to making sure the rent stays low.
  2. Secondly, the Junior Common Room is a term used to describe the body of undergraduates at Univ.

This site is for both of those things – you’ll find information about all the services which the JCR/SU provides, but also information on what all the undergraduates at Univ are doing at the moment.  Enjoy it!

If you’re a prospective student, these pages are specifically for you:

Prospective students page – lots of information

Univ Ambassadors (this is our team of students who visit schools which haven’t had a history of sending students to Oxford).

Photos for prospective students (the buildings, inside rooms, etc)

Any ideas about what could be done to improve the website please let Chris or I know.

Love Mengya the President, and Chris, the VP JCR Affairs.

(Most of the photos on this website are from Mike Holmes, 2nd year Engineer – thank you to him)